So what can Designer Events do for you?

We believe that every event, party, get-together, convention, trade show, shindig, corporate function and gala is unique and should be treated as a magical opportunity to inspire. Whatever feelings you are trying to evoke, your event’s decor is the key. We can build the ambiance that will make your event everything you want and more!

I'm feeling...

words that describe feelings   words that describe feelings words that describe feelings  words that describe feelings

enchanted   words that describe feelings   festive     magical

Whatever you are feeling, we can create the atmosphere to share that emotion with your guests.

To be more specific, we offer the following services...

  • Corporate Event Decorating
  • Personal Event Decorating
  • Tradeshow & Convention Decorating
  • Theme & Concept Design
  • Custom made centerpieces & decorations
  • Floral Coordination
  • Lighting Design & Coordination
  • Rental Coordination
  • Balloon Decor
    • Balloon Arches & Gateways
    • Balloon Columns
    • Balloon Centerpieces
images of event decorations